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+49 (0) 172 - 36 55 967

+49 (0) 172 - 36 55 967


Veronique Lachatte


D i l d o – C o n t r o l


The Brand New Cyber Toy - The interactive independent  CYBER-DILDO!!!


Controllable from all over the world!! Exklusive only here!!


Download the FREE Software at the tab „Videos“ in the member zone* and make an a Cam-Date today with me !!                                                                                      


NO hidden fees – NO Abo! Conrolling it from EVERY terminal all over the world!

(* only after verification via passport or driver's license) 


The Ex-Amateur-Porno-Starlet hase made a little movie at Videorama! So don't hesitate! Veronique will tease you via Cam with sexy posings!


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