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Here you can find a huge list of rolyplay exampeles. There are storyboards I alread usesd to play. Of course it's not my whole repertoire. I think our fantasies have no limits. And If I have some more ideas I will add them here.

Across the board I'd like to know you that roleplaying is not a unilaterally thing and I won't speak in monologes. I expect you to contribute your ideas as well. That's why you won't find here some short stories for a Happy-End-mental cinema. For that I would find a publisher ;) This applies for SMS/WA-Chat oder Skype, too...


At the storyboards images showing me commplying dresses are already available. All others I still have to buy ;)

Jagd auf 00SEX


The Man with the golden cock


Synopsis folgt...  









Was macht ein Spieler nach dem Spiel?


Er lädt das Cheerleader-Team ein :P


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Die strenge Dozentin


Heute schon nachgesessen?


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Schneeflittchen sucht ReinSteckefuchs


Schneeflittchen verläuft sich nachts allein im Wunderland


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Verbissen im Morgenmantel


Vampirella verführt Graf Zahl :P


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Sexual Hospital


Emergency for Dr. Lachatte


Mrs. Dr. Lachatte knocks on the hotel's room door. "Mr. Berger, the reception has sent me, you are in pain? What's eating you?" Mr. Berger flushes when he looked at the beautyful hot lady doctor. The shiny material of her latex coat covered her sexy body. Mr. Berger babbled some few confusing sentences. "My loins are hurting." he stammered. "So please undress and lay down on the bed, I will take a look imediately." Dr. Lachatte opened her doctor's case and there you could see some black plastic phallus thing with straps on it...  








Aufruhr im Rotlichtmilieu


Unterwegs mit Gangsterboss Guiseppe


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Robbery and Homicide Department, Detective Brooks


Ein strenges Verhör


"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can ...oh come on Mr Berger, sing it with me...you can do it in your head!" murmured Detective Brooks at him. "Face the wall, spread your legs! You're busted!" Mr Berger was the only one who couldn't reach the escape car. The swag of the bank robbery was already hidden by him very quickly. To get to know the stash it was necessary for Detective Brooks to use some dirty tricks...












Spiele mit Zimmermädchen


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Manga Total


Cosplay mit Feen und Elfen


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